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Documents available on-line include non-confidential documents for:

Coal, Minerals, Prospecting Permits as well as Historical Mining Books.

Please note that documents for sites released from jurisdiction prior to January 1, 2002 are not available electronically.  Records for those sites are available at the Colorado State Archives office.​


How to use the DRMS document management system

Enter the Permit number (no dashes) in the Permit No box to search for related documents. Any field or combination of fields can be used to search. Wild card * and ? can be used.

For Example:

Enter M2010* in the Permit No to return all Mineral Permits from the year 2010.


Enter P2008042 (no dashes) in the Permit No box to return all documents for the specified permit

Click Search to return documents

For additional information see our Document Management User Guide (PDF)



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