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​​How many coal mines are there in the state?

Since its inception, the Coal Program has issued 66 permits for coal mining operations.  Of those:

  • Eleven sites are producing coal; eight are underground mines, three are surface mines.
  • Three sites are active but currently not producing coal.
  • Three are active loadout sites.
  • Seventeen sites are being reclaimed or have been reclaimed and are awaiting bond release.
  • Seventeen sites have been reclaimed and the bond has been released.
  • One site is in temporary cessation.
  • Fourteen permits have been revoked and the sites have been reclaimed by the Division.  DRMS jurisdiction has been terminated on six of those sites.

How do I contact the operator of a coal mine?

Contact information for coal mines is posted on signs at the entrance to all mine sites.  Click here for a current list of operators and contact information.

Who do I contact at the Division regarding a coal mine?

Permitted coal mines are assigned lead specialists at the Division. Click here for current assignments.  Click here for Division personnel contact information.