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What We Do

Since 1980, the program has safeguarded over 6,000 hazardous openings and reclaimed 1,539 acres of abandoned mined land statewide.

The major program activity is to identify the hazards and environmental problems arising from abandoned mines, design appropriate closure methods and reclamation techniques for project sites, and reclaim or safeguard abandoned mine hazards and environmental problems with the landowner’s consent. Project activities include: field investigations, project development, project design, realty work, historical and cultural resource evaluation, wildlife considerations, NEPA compliance, construction contract bidding and management, site construction and reclamation, construction inspection, and site monitoring and maintenance of prior project work.

A comprehensive list of the Program's accomplishments can be found here:

Inactive Mine Program Statistics.pdf


DRMS has numerous partners participating in mine safety closure projects with the goal of alerting the public to the hazards of exploring abandoned and inactive mines. Partners include the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, Women in Mining, local county and city governments, mining associations, private citizens, and the Colorado Scenic and Historic By-Ways Commission.

Specific Project Summaries:

Country Club Circle Project Summary.pdf

IHI Excavate and Quench Project Summary.pdf

Koehler Two Drilling and Grouting Project Summary.pdf

Master Key Project Summary.pdf

Paradox West Uravan NRDs Project Summary.pdf

Pittsburg Project Summary.pdf

Smith Hill Project Summary.pdf

Franklin Project Before (above)  


Franklin Project After (above)



Highland Tunnel - Zaugg Project - Bat Grate


        New Europe Project (Before & During)                                         New Europe Project (After)