Staff Directory 

For the Denver Office, dial 303-866-3567, during the greeting, dial the phone ext. below to be directly connected to a staff member. To send an email, our address format is

Expand/Collapse Office : Denver ‎(48)
ARCEGA, JessicaAccounting8149
BINNS, JanetCoal8107
BOULAY, MikeCoal8110
BOWLES, BrockCoal8142
BRANNON, GinnyDirector8135
BURGMAIER, SusanAdmin8111
CAZIER, TimMinerals8169
CORIA, BarbaraMinerals8148
CROSBY, EricaIMP8115
CUNNINGHAM, MichaelMinerals8116
EBERT, JaredMinerals8120
EPLEY, KristinBudget Analyst8130
ERICKSON, WallyMinerals8176970-247-5469
ESCHBERGER, AmyMinerals8129
HARVILL, KimMine Safety8123
HAYS, PeterMinerals8124
HERNANDEZ, AlyshaCoal8125
HERNANDEZ, DanielCoal8126
LYNCH, TabethaCoal8147
MIRANDA, KristinIMP8133
MOJAR, CamilleAsst. to Director8136
MUSICK, JasonCoal8134
NEAL, BrandonMine Safety
NICKLESS, RachaelIMP8108
PAPAMIHAIL, EléniAdmin8101
POPE, SitiraAdmin8136
RAMIREZ, MichelleMinerals8114
RANNEY, HarryCoal8137
REILLEY, RobinCoal8105
RUSSELL, ElliottMinerals8132
RYAN, TeresaIMP8109
SAMEK, JoeMine Safety303-880-1477
SCOTT, EricMinerals8140
SEYMOUR, KimberlyIMP8141
SIMMONS, LeighCoal8121
STARK, JimCoal8145
TATE, ScottieMinerals8166
THOMPSON, JeffCoal8138
TRUJILLO, ZachCoal8164
WALDRON, TonyMinerals8150
WEIN, ClaytonCoal8144
YORK-FEIRN, BillMine Safety8151
ZACK, DebIMP8152
ZUBER, RobCoal8113
Expand/Collapse Office : Durango ‎(1)
BROWN, KirstinIMP970-903-7889
Expand/Collapse Office : Grand Junction ‎(6)
CZAPLA, DustinMinerals8188970-243-6299
MARSHALL, TravisMinerals8186970-241-2042
MEANS, RussMinerals8185970-241-1117
MITCHELL, StephanieMinerals8180970-242-5025
WEST, LucasMinerals8187
YELDELL, AmyMinerals8183
Expand/Collapse Office : Gunnison ‎(1)
TAFI, TaraIMP720-425-4122
Expand/Collapse Office : Leadville ‎(1)
BISSONNETTE, CraigIMP970-445-8635
Expand/Collapse Office : Ridgway ‎(1)
LITTERAL, JeffIMP970-216-1330